• Children's Dentistry


    Pediatric Dentistry is the dental specialty devoted exclusively to children. Our goal at Valley Dental Center is a healthy child who will enter adulthood free of dental disease (as well as dental fears), with good oral health habits that last a lifetime. By the age of three, your child should have been checked by the dentist.

    Did you know that children’s baby teeth are at as much risk as adults? As baby teeth develop, they form the place for the adult teeth to grow. If these immature teeth are allowed to decay, it can lead to serious problems later on in life; or if there is not enough room in you child’s mouth, their teeth may grow in crooked or be overly crowded. Good oral care can protect your child from costly dental procedures later in life.

    Valley Dental Center provides full preventive care for children of all ages. We also provide fluoride treatments and sealants to help preserve your child’s beautiful smile. Dental sealants are a plastic coating applied to the teeth to prevent cavities from forming in the grooves of the teeth. It covers the surface of the teeth used for grinding food. Once applied, it is a long lasting defense against many dental problems. The procedure is painless, and your child will be done in no time!

  • Children’s Dentistry

    Our Pediatric Dentistry includes sealants and fluoride treatments for early preventative care.

  • Crowns & Fillings

    We can restore damaged teeth using CEREC technology in a single-session visit.

  • Exams & X-Rays

    We utilize advanced X-ray technology with both 2-D and 3-D CT-Scan capabilities.

  • Implants & Replacements

    Implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care for treatment of tooth replacement.

  • Invisalign Braces

    Invisalign “No Metal” braces offer a comfortable and affordable alternative to metal braces.

  • Oral Cancer Screening

    We utilize VELscope®, a wireless, handheld scope to screen for early oral abnormalities.

  • Oral Surgery

    Valley Dental Center specializes in many types of oral surgery, including root canal, dental implants and more.

  • Periodontal Care

    Periodontal diseases can be avoided through preventative care or treated by your dental office.

  • Prevention & Care

    Preventative care and other treatment options provide long-term dental health.

  • Sleep Dentistry

    Sleep Dentistry allows us to create a state of relaxation for our patients during dental procedures.