• Oral Cancer Screening

    Our staff is committed to your well-being.

    VELscope® is fast, non-invasive, accurate and affordable!

    Our trained staff is certified in state-of-the-art treatments and are prepared to give you the high quality care that you deserve. There are many reasons to consider VELscope®, and after consulting with our staff, we can ascertain what treatment is right for you. We custom tailor all our services to meet the needs of the individual and to make your experience the best you’ve ever had.

    A simple, painless and affordable two-minute exam with our VELscope® light can screen all of the lining and structures of your mouth for the early signs of cancer and other pathology.

    More About VELscope® Technology


    Why is VELscope® so important? While the VELscope® system can help our office discover several types of abnormal tissue in the oral cavity, it is perhaps best known for its ability to assist in the discovery of oral cancer and precancer.

    A disease that can be tamed. By supplementing the conventional clinical oral cancer exam with the VELscope® system and its fluorescence visualization technology, we can see cancerous and precancerous lesions that might not be apparent to the naked eye. In fact, the VELscope® system is the first product cleared by the FDA and Health Canada.

    The world’s number one oral cancer screening device, a VELscope® exam is painless and provided as part of your routine dental examination by Valley Dental Center.

    For more information, visit VELscope.com.

      Did you know?

    • Oral cancer is three times more prevalent than cervical cancer.
    • One North American dies of oral cancer every hour of every day.
    • The incidence of oral cancer is growing.
    • The biggest growth in oral cancer is among young non-smokers, and oral cancer is now linked to HPV.
    • When oral cancer is discovered in early stages, the survival rate is very high, but when discovered late (which is normally the case), the survival rate is very low.
    • Health experts recommend that all adults receive annual oral cancer screenings.
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